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Success Arthur (April 2019)

Streets to Grace’s Aston Park even in April served Arthur. Arthur has had his foot amputated and his wheelchair was broken and homeless. We served him a hot meal and gave him a Streets to Grace business card. He was told that if he needed help to call any team member. At 10pm Arthur called our Secretary (Stephanie) and explained that he was hiding in the bushes behind A-Hope. His stomach had a surgery incision that had come open and NOWHERE to go. The missions and shelters were unable to assist him with a bed due to his wound. Stephanie did not have access to a vehicle and told him to stay low until a Streets to Grace member could secure transportation for him. Stephanie prayed and the discernment of God told her to take him into her personal home. Arthur was picked up and taken to Stephanie and stayed with her for 2 weeks. In the meantime, Streets to Grace worked diligently and secured a new wheelchair, took Arthur to the Social Security Office and reinstated his disability. We were successful in securing a boarding house for Arthur.

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