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Brook (April 2019)

One evening, our Streets to Grace member Stephanie heard someone frantically pull into her driveway. A struggling addict and friend was standing there sweating, crying and high. She had her crack pipe in her hand and screaming that she HAD TO GO to the hospital. Stephanie noticed that Brook’s leg was 3 times larger than normal. She could barely walk. After years of injecting heroine, her leg was completely infected. Stephanie calmed her and prayed with her while waiting for transport for Brooke to the Emergency Department at Mission Hospital. We lost track of Brook for about 24 hours. Once we were able to locate Brook, she had entered into a methadone program. She continues with the program and we pray for her future. Streets to Grace is thankful for the Lord to allow us to be HIS hands and a place of hope and refuge for “The One” struggling! We look forward to bringing you updates on her journey in Christ.

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